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Furniture moving services specialize in the safe and efficient relocation of furniture within your home or to a new location. Professional movers handle all the heavy lifting, ensuring your furniture is transported without damage. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with expert handling and precise placement of your furnishings.


Provide us with the furniture details you’d like to move, and we will send you a flat rate including mileage, labor, truck costs, dismantle and assemble expenses, and furniture protection.

If you can provide us with pictures and videos of stairs, elevators, parking, doorways, and basements, this will help us calculate your flat rate and make your moving transition as smooth as possible.

Additional $100 Flat Rate Weekend Pricing 


We have a $165 hourly rate that includes 2 workers. You can also choose to have an additional worker at $50 per hour. This rate includes mileage, truck fees, and furniture protection.

Please note that there is an additional $100 charge for weekends.

A 2-hour minimum is required. 

Furniture Moving

local and long-distance furniture moving services.

Our company is also here to provide YOU with a full furniture delivery service. 

Most furniture stores may not offer delivery OR they will overcharge to deliver your piece. 

This is not the case with us! We will work with you so that you get the BEST flat rate fee! 

Not only that BUT we will also bring it inside and place your piece wherever you would like it. 

We will also set it up for you if you would like! We will never leave our customers in the dust. 

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