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Office moving involves the relocation of a business’s physical location, which can be a complex and challenging task. This process requires careful planning, coordination, and execution to ensure minimal disruption to business operations. Professional office moving services specialize in handling these complexities, providing a seamless transition from the old office to the new one.


Provide us with the details of the furniture you’d like to move, and we will send you a flat rate that will include mileage, labor, truck costs, dismantle and assemble costs, and furniture protection.

If you can provide us with pictures and videos of stairs, elevators, parking, doorways, and basements, this will help us calculate your flat rate and make your moving transition as smooth as possible.


We have a $165 hourly rate that includes 2 workers. You can also choose to have an additional worker at $50 per hour. This rate includes mileage truck fees and furniture protection.

Please note that there is an additional $100 charge for weekends.

Office Moving

Pricing is based on the amount of furniture that is being moved.

While big companies charge you based on weight, we give you an accurate estimate that includes EVERYTHING.
No need to rent, buy, or help when it comes to your office moving project!
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