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Helpful Tips

Georges Moving Cleaning Company is a leader in the moving, cleaning, and junk removal industry.

Our mission statement is to treat your property as if it was our own. Our main focus is providing quality service for a great value. Here are some great tips for you to follow. 

  • The way we help our customers save the most money possible is to limit the number of pieces being moved and organize your packed items correctly and efficiently


  • To save on moving costs most companies in the industry will prefer just to move pre-packed boxes, moving bags, totes, luggage bins, or factory-packed boxes


  • To help you save on moving costs we can help you condense your items 


  • Whether around the corner or across state lines, you will want to limit the number of trips. If another truck is required more fees will be added​

  • Corrugated (cardboard wrap) rolls have many different applications, from wrapping products to keeping items that can scratch or scuff from rubbing against one another. This wrap is frequently used on glass, metal, china, and other breakable or fragile items to protect them from scratches, chips, or breaks it can also be recycled and used again which will help you save costs in the long run on supplies 

  • We suggest that you transport your sentimental and high-value items yourself to prevent any unforeseen damage to such items. Most companies will do their utmost best to pay for damaged items that may happen unpredictably but we don't want to see our customers go through that as these items are usually irreplaceable


  • This is a breakdown of how you should pack and group some everyday items together. Toys can go inside any small to medium-sized box, rugs should be rolled up and shrink-wrapped together so that they are easier to move around and don’t unfold, blankets and shoes should be placed inside a moving box, clothing hangers should be wrapped together or placed inside a box, small electronics and their respective cords should be placed inside a box, brooms, mops, dust mops can all be shrink-wrapped together, yoga mats can be rolled up the same as a rug and placed inside a medium-sized box or left out and moved as a loose item

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